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US Cosmetics

REACH services for cosmetics (and other products)

REACH registration obligations are based on two fundamental principles. Every substance that is imported or manufactured in Europe must be registered, but only once. If a single entity is responsible for more than one tonne per year of a substance, it must register that substance.

When a product (including cosmetics) is imported into Europe, the quantities of each substance must be calculated and the entity responsible for them must be identified.

Pharmilab offers a full REACH audit service to help you identify your responsibilities and communicate the status of your substance throughout the supply chain. This process is completed through the following four main services:

Identification of your substances of interest
This step identifies the substances present in your products, calculates their tonnage and assesses whether these substances require registration under REACH:
Reach status investigation
Depending on your position in the supply chain, some or all of your quantities of "registerable" substances may already have been accounted for in a REACH dossier. Pharmilab can investigate the status of each substance contained in its products.
Assessment of potential regulatory actions
Based on the results of the previous steps, Pharmilab will propose one or more action plans for each substance.
Representative with partner groups
Pharmilab can act as your representative to your supply chain partners to help you meet your regulatory obligations and negotiate cost sharing.

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