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Cosmetic regulation in the United States

USA Cosmetics Regulation

How to start selling cosmetics in the United States?

The United States is the largest beauty and personal care market, with revenues expected to reach 91 billion dollars by 2023 and a market size expected to reach 105 billion dollars by 2028.

It is a robust market where indie beauty and innovative products reign, and where e-commerce and social media practices are particularly well developed. To enter this market of 332 million people, your product must meet the legal requirements imposed in the USA.

To sell in the US, you must take into account federal legislation on cosmetics that applies equally to all states, as well as state provisions that are generally specific. It is a common mistake to forget this second responsibility.

Formula review
Pharmilab performs an evaluation of your complete formula to ensure that raw materials and ingredients meet all federal requirements and additional requirements of some states (including California-specific requirements: Proposition 65, California Safe Cosmetic Program)
Label and Claim review
Pharmilab evaluates the labels of its products to make sure that the mandatory elements are present and that the commercial communications it proposes cannot get you into serious trouble.
Cosmetic Product Safety Report
As required byMoCRA, each cosmetic product must be analyzed to demonstrate its safety, and appropriate records must be established by qualified toxicologists.
Facilities registration and products listing
Pharmilab will be able to comply with this new legal obligation, defined by MoCRA, through the FDA Cosmetics Direct IT platform. Don't wait until the last minute to start regulatory work.
Volatile Organics Compounds
These substances, which can easily turn into vapors or gases, are regulated at both the Federal and State levels due to environmental concerns. Do not let this obligation jeopardize your presence in the USA.
US Agent and Responsible Person
Pharmilab can become your contact for adverse events in the US if you are a foreign cosmetics brand and fully support the role of Responsible Person, which brings with it many obligations, defined in MoCRA.
FAQ de produtos cosméticos nos Estados Unidos

Clarify your doubts about the United States Cosmetic Regulations with our FAQ.

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