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Fichas de dados de segurança

Safety Data Sheets

Although an SDS does not typically need to be provided to the general public and is therefore not required for consumer products, it is always good policy to have one for your products, whether hazardous or not.

This SDS will provide much needed information such as

  • Potential labeling requirements

  • Transport classification

  • The presence of regulated components

Additionally, many international carriers or customs will request product SDS and the absence of a valid SDS may result in your products being held in customs or a carrier's warehouse.

The importance of the Safety Data Sheet?

How to obtain an SDS?

Preparing a compliant SDS is complex and must be done using specialized software and a database with expensive license fees.

If you don't have the volume and expertise to create your own SDS, Pharmilab offers hazard assessment and SDS creation services and can provide compliant SDS worldwide according to different regulations.

Como obter uma ficha de dados de segurança?

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