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Quality Policy

For Pharmilab, a provider of regulatory affairs consultancy services and analytical control services, Quality is understood as an integral and core part of the development of our business project with regard to the constant learning of management and the relationship with society, with our partners and in particular our customers, to whom we direct the fruits of our work and whose satisfaction guides all our actions.

Therefore, Pharmilab undertakes to:

Satisfying your customers

Pharmilab's organizational structure, its culture and values, its management system and the skills of its employees, aim to allow us to be seen by our customers as an effective partner in responding to their needs, always guaranteeing close monitoring. to the customer, which allows, in this way, to develop a stable and lasting relationship.


Aware of legal and regulatory requirements, Pharmilab has a clear results-oriented policy, as this is understood as the best expression of success. The result reflects our performance and guarantees the sustained survival of our business project.

Ensure Impartiality
The Pharmilab structure, as well as all its employees, are focused on obtaining results in an impartial manner.

Promote Quality and Continuous Improvement
We actively raise awareness among all our employees of the importance that Quality Management assumes in building our future and, in particular, of everyone's responsibility in improving and evolving the internal system based on regulatory requirements. We thus intend to ensure current and future customer needs and expectations, as well as the sustainability of the business.


To provide a service of excellence
By properly identifying customer needs and the global market in which we operate and by regularly evaluating the performance of our management system, always in accordance with legal requirements. We carry out our activities in order to achieve our strategic objectives and continually increase the competitiveness and effectiveness of our business project.

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