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The Importance of Evaluating Skin Hydration in the Cosmetics Industry: The Role of the Corneometer

In the Cosmetic Industry, faced with increasingly demanding consumers, it is important to demonstrate the efficacy of products and substantiate claims, informing the end consumer of the possible benefits of the product and increasing confidence in its use.

Skin hydration is one of the properties most sought after by consumers, especially in moisturizing products, so it is essential to evaluate this parameter through efficacy tests.

Skin hydration can occur through the following mechanisms:

  • Formation of a barrier that reduces transepidermal water loss (occlusion);

  • Increase in the water content of the stratum corneum by the addition of water contained in the applied product or by the absorption of water from the atmosphere (in the case of products with hygroscopic components).

The effectiveness of skin hydration can be assessed using two main methods:

  • Subjective assessment by the dermatologist;

  • Instrumental objective evaluation through indirect measurement of the water content in the epidermis.

The water content of the stratum corneum can be measured using capacitance, impedance, and conductance methods, indirectly measuring the electrical properties of the stratum corneum. Of the commercially available devices, the Corneometer® is one of the most widely used for assessing the skin's level of hydration.

Corneometry is an in vivo, non-invasive, fast, effective, and safe method for assessing the efficacy of moisturizing products, based on capacitance measurement. The Corneometer® capacitor shows changes in capacitance value according to the amount of water present in the skin, and the higher this value, the more hydrated the skin.

Efficacy tests must be carried out in accordance with guidelines and standards for clinical trials, such as “Guidelines for the evaluation of the efficacy of cosmetics products”, a guideline provided by the association Cosmetics Europe - The Personal Care Association (COLIPA).

Do you want to carry out this type of test on this product? Do you still have questions about using the Corneometer? Contact us!

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