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Quality is the key to the long term success.

With its own laboratories, Pharmilab offers various laboratory tests to ensure the quality of its cosmetic customer’s cosmetic products according to the highest standards.

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Microbiological control is an essential point in the quality control of the finished product and your raw materials.

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Challenge Test

The challenge test of cosmetics is mandatory to prove the effectiveness against microbiological contamination.

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Stability and compatibility test

Ensuring the stability of products over time, predicting and confirming their durability date or PAO is critical for a long, smooth product life.

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Safety tests

Ensuring the safety of a product must be the first of all the concerns of a cosmetic brand.

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Efficacy tests

Proof of the effectiveness of your products is essential to support your claims.

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Performance tests

Evaluate the performance of your product and compare it to some benchmarks with specific test protocols for each type of product.

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