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Certify your product's strengths

Certifying your product is much more than simply putting a logo on the label. To obtain certification a brand must meet a set of well- established criteria, but by doing so you will gain consumer trust, increase loyalty, and differentiate your products by raising their standards.

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Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Based on ISO 16128 standard, this certification allows the consumer to make a well-informed decision about natural and/or organic cosmetics.

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Vegan Cosmetics

Guarantees that the cosmetic product contains no animal ingredients or animal by-products, contains no animal GMO, cross-contamination of animal-derived substances is minimized as much as possible and animal testing is not conducted.

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GMO Free Cosmetics

Confirms that no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) were used during the production of the cosmetic product.

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Gluten-free Cosmetics

Ensures that the cosmetic product does not have any traces of gluten. It is a relevant certification for celiac consumers, specially in oral care cosmetics.

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